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What remains once the war is won?

A kingdom of corpses.
His name too heavy in my mouth.

What do we become in death?


What do we keep once we are ghosts?

The blood under my fingernails.
His crooked teeth.
Searching for happiness in the threads of his hands.
A love that burned alive.
A love that is still bursting in my hollow chest.
A love that was never enough.

What do you do when you’re alone in the darkness?

Wait for him,
I’ll wait forever if I must.

Were you ever able to name one hero who was happy?


—Emily Palermo, He Is Half My Soul (via starredsoul)
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The Witches Castle


Imagine you walk up those stairs, and the minute you step through the door, the house is whole and young and solid again.  If you go outside all you see is ruins, but inside it’s as though it’s just been built, with sturdy walls and furniture and clean bare stone underfoot, and a welcoming fire in the hearth.  Kind of like the stable door in The Last Battle, only in reverse (or something like that).

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Faerie wing jewelry by Under the Ivy.

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another one of how I imagine Blue from the Raven Cycle.

(ETA: model is Julia Gorbach)

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New Glow In The Dark Pendants (and purple pulsing LED pendants) up at Dark Of The Moon Arts! Please come take a look at our new pieces, and our other jewelry as well!

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Felicia “Fo” Porter

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Troian Bellisario Aerial Silks[x]

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Troian Bellisario by Zack Dezon

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